Victor Martinez and Chris Bumstead Train Arms Part 2 – Biceps

Bodybuilding legend Victor Martinez and Classic Physique Mr. Olympia runner-up Chris Bumstead hit biceps in Part 2 of MHP’s exclusive training series.

“Let’s get a good workout and not try to be heroes,” Victor tells Chris, emphasizing the importance of correct form, getting a full contraction of the muscle and not using too much weight. “A Classic Physique Mr. Olympia runner-up can’t cut corners,” Victor adds.

Victor Martinez and Chris Bumstead Train Arms Part 1 – Triceps

Legendary IFBB pro bodybuilder Victor Martinez passes down arm training knowledge to fellow pro and Olympia classic physique competitor Chris Bumstead in a two part video series. This first one is all about triceps! This is a relaxed and fun, yet highly informative video. Just two pros hanging out, training, laughing and trading arm training secrets. This one is not to one missed! Unless you LIKE having small arms! 😉


In order to work with legendary trainer Oscar Ardon for the 2019 Arnold Classic, MHP athlete Akim Williams had to answer one question honestly.

In this video, shot about eight weeks before the 2019 Arnold Classic, you’ll learn the answer to that question and see what it takes to prepare to stand on stage with the best of the best in bodybuilding as Oscar pushes Akim to his limits.

You’ll also pick up several great leg building tips along the way!

Interesting, fun, inspiring and informative…that’s what happens when brute strength meets positive thinking.


It’s not easy to hold your own when you’re training with IFBB bodybuilding pro and MHP athlete Chris Bumstead (especially when he’s casually pressing 120-lb. dumbbells), but teen bodybuilder contest winner Trevor Behney stepped up to the challenge.

Watch the two competitors as they take on a grueling shoulder workout and share stories about what made them get into working out. Plus get firsthand advice about training and the best moves to get Chris’s massive shoulders from Chris himself.