We are seeking athletes passionate about training and supplements that are driven social media content producers looking to become a part of legendary brand in the fitness industry. As an MHP Ambassador you will work alongside us to be at the forefront of our innovative supplements. You will be the first to know about new supplements to be released, receive MHP Gear and supplements,  as well as opportunities to attend tradeshows and events! The ideal candidates will be passionate about MHP products and driven to champion our supplements on Instagram to their engaged followers.

Welcome to your TEAM MHP QUIZ

What year was MHP founded?

How many grams of protein is in one pouch of the NEW Power Pak Pudding?

When is the best time to take Dark Matter to maximize muscle growth?

What is our number one selling Diuretic?

What 2 products are a part of our Unstoppable Stack?

What other energy product do we have aside from Hyper Crush?

How many Carbs, Amino Acids, and Creatine are in Dark Matter?

How many grams of Protein is in Up your Mass XXXL when taken with water?

What MHP product contains Spectra?

Your new question!

What supplement increases free testosterone when taken?