You want nutritional supplements that help separate you from the pack, to propel you to look and feel your best. MHP has a 20-year record helping millions of people worldwide achieve their fitness, muscle and performance goals. It all starts with rock-solid science.

Our Relentless Commitment to Your Body of Work

MHP provides premium quality supplements you can trust to up your game. Backed by extensive clinical research and the highest GMP standards, many MHP products are independently certified by Informed Choice Trusted for Sport so you can be sure they are banned substance free. Your body of work is testimony our products work.

Fully Transparent, Fully Disclosed Labels Give You Science You Can See

We are at the forefront of the movement to clearly label our products so you not only know what’s inside, but the precise dose you will get per serving. Many supplement companies rip you off with big claims not supported by what’s inside the bottle. The other guys frequently pixie dust their product’s key ingredients and leave you holding the bag. Always ask what’s inside.

Over A Dozen Full Formula Clinical Studies

MHP has fielded over a dozen complete formula clinical studies with more coming over the next twelve months. We spend more on research annually than many competitors spend in their existence. We believe in testing the entire formulation vs. simply relying on the science that exists in support of a single ingredient.