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Case of 12 10oz Bottles

HYPER CRUSH RTD delivers extreme energy, amazing pumps and more muscle power with potent levels of clinically researched ingredients, but most importantly it will crush muscle fatigue so you can push yourself harder and further than ever before!*

  • Enhances Energy, Muscle Power and Pumps*
  • Full dose power equal to powder form (-Creatine)
  • Increases Exercise Output*
  • Crushes Fatigue*

The Unstoppable Pre-Workout Rush!

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HYPER CRUSH introduces a revolutionary advancement in a pre-workout RTD that allows you to push beyond your normal workout performance limits. To date, pre-workout supplements primarily focused on energy, power and pumps which are all important, but they do not address the causes of muscle fatigue. Exercise causes a variety of physiologic and metabolic changes that can in turn reduce exercise tolerance and workout performance. One of the biggest culprits responsible for muscle fatigue is “exercise-induced hyperammonemia”. HYPER CRUSH RTD is formulated with -ketoglutarate (AKG) which has been clinically studied to reduce “exercise-induced hyperammonemia” and increase training volume, maximum power output and total muscle performance.

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Sour Ball, Tropical Punch


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