MHP Athlete Chris Bumstead

Chris Bumstead is an IFBB Classic Physique Pro from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born in Ontario, Canada, he has become a household name amongst the bodybuilding community, most known for his golden age physique and incredible legs. Growing up, Chris built the base of his physique training for football, basketball and track and field in high school. It wasn’t until he met his friend, coach and now brother-in-law, Iain Valliere, that he even thought about competing. In 2014, at the age of 19, he participated in his first bodybuilding show and fell in love with competing. In 2015, he won bodybuilding Junior Canadian Nationals and in 2016 he earned his IFBB pro card as the Bodybuilding Heavyweight Champion at the IFBB North American Championships at the age of 21. Chris is currently a student at Dalhousie University majoring in Health Sciences.

Height: 6’1″

Stage Weight: 225lbs

Offseason Weight: 250lbs

Born: February 2nd

Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Instagram: @cbum