MHP 30 Second Muscle: Seated Cable Row

  IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the seated cable row Grip handles, thumbs over, hands about shoulder width apart Bring the shoulder blades together with each repetition Allow lats to stretch on each downstroke At upper end of movement torso is at 90 degrees to legs Knees should be slightly bent Don’t lock legs Keep […]

MHP 30 Second Muscle: Leg Press

IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the leg press Place feet slightly above center about shoulder width apart Descend until leg bends to at least 90 degrees or lower Breathe out with each downstroke Push from the heels Don’t lock knees at the top of the movement Keep a firm grip on handles Be sure to […]

MHP 30 Second Muscle: Chest and Back in One Workout

  Try this advanced all-in-one chest and back workout Max weight = weight with which you can do no more than 10 reps Incline chest press machine 20 reps @ 50% max weight 15 reps @ 75% max weight 10 reps @ 100% max weight 20 reps @ 50% max weight Seated row 20 reps […]

MHP 30 Second Muscle: Cable Crossovers

IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead demonstrates the cable crossover exercise Place the pullys in a high position Step forward and bend slightly forward Stretch and contract the pectoral muscles fully on each repetition Keep a slight bend at the elbows Movement occurs only at shoulder joint Arms and torso remain stationary