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Shred Stack

It’s time to Burn Fat and Get Shredded!

There is nothing more effective to help you burn fat than Ultrisine, the clinically tested Gold Standard in weight loss.  Just one dose a day is all it takes to help melt away the body fat.  

Add in a 1500 mg dose of MHP’s Liquid L-Carnitine to help convert stored body fat into more energy to take your fat burning to the next level.

The goal is to burn fat and not muscle! So, we add EAA STRONG to this stack with its powerful 10:1:1 BCAA ratio to help protect your hard earned muscle from being broken down and catabolized. EAA STRONG will enhance muscle building and recovery while you lose body fat. Use EEA STRONG on training days for pre-, intra- or post-workout recovery. 

And finally to put on the finishing touch, add America’s #1 natural diuretic XPEL to shed excess water! Don’t let excess water cover your hard earned muscle and leave you looking puffy and bloated. XPEL works fast and its perfect for men and women.

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