Get ready take your strength from average to unparalleled levels with MHP Strong Stack! Boost your performance numbers quickly with three incredible products that will have you unleashing fury on the weights!

If you're going to train hard, you need a pre-workout that works even harder! HYPER CRUSH pre-workout immediately sets the tone for you to get dialed in, rapidly boosting energy, and with clinically tested ingredients that create the perfect anabolic environment to crush muscle fatigue and experience mind blowing muscle pumps!

Every athlete knows it’s not how you start a workout, but how you end it! Finish every workout with the ultimate post workout formula DARK MATTER! Dark Matter’s synergistic delivery of essential amino acids, carbohydrates and creatine sparks a spike in protein synthesis, insulin and glycogen replenishment to trigger enhance muscle growth and recovery.

Dark Matter's clinically tested 6g dose of Essential Amino Acids, (EAA's) were shown in a clinical study to boost protein synthesis by an incredible 360%! Dark Matter also contains 5g of cell-volumizing multi-phase Creatine that will help further boost your strength efforts.

To reach your full-strength potential, you'll need more protein in your diet! But not all proteins are not created equal?! Many athletes will be surprised to learn that while whey protein is good for igniting protein synthesis, it's the least anti-catabolic of all proteins due to its fast, short-lasting supply of amino acids.

Probolic-SR extends this process with an Exclusive Sustained Release Muscle Feeding Technology to further enhance the "release profile" and extended supply of amino acids. Research confirms that using the combination of proteins with different digestion rates whey (fast), soy (intermediate), and casein (slow) provides an extended duration of protein synthesis to enhance muscle growth and recovery. That’s why the leading researchers at MHP designed Probolic-SR Protein! The clinically proven muscle feeding protein!

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