Fighter Stack

Fighter Stack

Probolic SR - The Only Protein With Patented Sustained Release Micro feed Technology. A precisely formulated blend provides fast, medium, and slow-release proteins to improve muscle strength and recovery.

Hyper Crush - Hyper crush is a hard hitting pre workout, giving you intense energy, focus, and POWER! Plus it’s formulated to fight fatigue to help you perform at your peak to the last second of your training!

Dark Matter - Clinically Proven Post Workout Formula, designed for maximum speed, bio-effectiveness and precise nutrient timing for optimal post-workout replenishment, muscle growth, and recovery. 

Activite Sport - delivers a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in combination with Spectra, a clinically tested antioxidant and nitric oxide-boosting herbal blend. 

Authentic. Trusted. Proven. That's MHP STRONG

The Fighter Stack Comes:

  • DARK MATTER - Ultimate Post Workout
  • PROBOLIC SR - Muscle Feeding Protein
  • ACTIVITE - Multi-Vitamin

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