Akim Williams


Height: 5’10″ Stage Weight: 260lbs Offseason Weight: 310lbs Hometown: Pompton Lakes, NJ Instagram: @ifbbproakimwilliams  Akim started training in 2009 while he was still in college because, as he says, “I needed something to do in between my long class breaks.” Though only 146 pounds at the time, he discovered that he was stronger than his friends who […]


Born – January 1, 1991 Height – 5' 5" Weight – 212 Lbs Instagram: @nicolasvullioud In Nicholas’ own words… "I started bodybuilding in 2012 after meeting my coach Patrick Tuor. Before bodybuilding I was playing soccer but had a serious injury. Because of this injury I could no longer play at the same level so I [...]


Height: 6’1″ Stage Weight: 225lbs Offseason Weight: 250lbs Born: February 2nd Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia Instagram: @cbum Chris Bumstead is an IFBB Classic Physique Pro from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Born in Ontario, Canada, he has become a household name amongst the bodybuilding community, most known for his golden age physique and incredible legs. Growing up, Chris [...]


Height – 5’9" Weight – 255 lbs Born – July 29th Hometown – Edgewater, NJ Instagram: @ifbbvictormartinez Victor “The Dominican Dominator” Martinez is an IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and was the second Dominican bodybuilder to turn professional back in 1995. He grew up in the Washington Heights area in NY and currently resides in Edgewater, NJ. [...]