Top 5 Ab Exercises from IFBB Pro

Top 5 Ab Exercises from IFBB Pro

If your 2020 didn’t end on the highest note, you’ve got an entire new year to make things right and push yourself in the proper direction. In your defense, we understand and completely agree that quarantine has gotten the best many, resulting in a forced “bulking” season that most of us didn’t plan for.

However, the million dollar question remains - What does it really take to get 6-pack abs?

After having a little chat with an IFBB Bikini Pro,Marcia Goncalves, we were able to draft up 5 of her favorite & most effective abdominal-shaping exercises that not many people know about! Marcia is a former Brazilian IFBB Bikini pro with an impressive record of being an 8x Pro Champ, 4x Olympia contestant while having multiple certifications on top of her degree in Physical Education!


1. Hardstyle Plank

Targets: Your Entire Core (As well as other muscle groups)

- Tips from Marcia: You know planks, right? It's easy to go through the motions here. Don’t do it. The key is to squeeze your entire body — quads, glutes, core, back, and fists — as tight as possible while taking diaphoretic breaths throughout the hold, No matter how many times you’ve done it, this exercise is as difficult as you’re willing to make it.


2. Dead Bug

Targets: Core muscles, especially the transverse abdominis and spinal erectors.

- Tips from Marcia:Make sure your lower back stays in contact with the floor, and try to keep your breathing as regular as possible,I like this movement because it helps to train left-right coordination between the upper and lower extremities, which can help improve cognitive function, too.


3. Hollow Extension and Cannonball

Targets: PrimaryMuscle Groups: Upper Abs, Lower Abs, Lats (back), Lower Back

- Tips from Marcia:Engage as much as possible during the extension phase, and use the cannonball for Just don't completely let go. Think of it like you’re holding a crunch!


4. Barbell Back Squat

Targets: In addition to the main muscles: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, also works all of your core

- Tips from Marcia:Think about maintaining tension in your abs throughout the entire movement, Once you have the movement mastered, you can add additional weights to the barbell. By going up in small increments, though, you’ll stay injury-free.


5. Bird Dog

Targets: The erector spine, glutes & your entire core.

- Tips from Marcia: Be careful not to hyperextend your elbows! Maintaining a slight bend fires up those triceps. Keep the neck long by looking down and a few inches in front of you, and use the exhale portion of each breath to create tension


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