The 5 Best Tips in Nutrition & Hydration for All Athletes

The 5 Best Tips in Nutrition & Hydration for All Athletes

During my career as a strength and conditioning coach and professional strongman, I have come to learn that athletes of all sports, even at the higher levels take the same thing for granted. The importance of nutrition and hydration. Many athletes aspire to be at the top of their game and state they are willing to do everything it takes to become the best athlete in their sport. This may be true while they are working out or competing on the field, but more often than not, they fail to take care of their bodies outside of practice, training and competition. They are often doing themselves a disservice by training as hard as they possibly can inside the weight room or practice field, but not hydrating and fueling properly to allow themselves to recover for the next training session.

Nutrition and hydration are crucial factors for maintaining overall health and wellness. They play a vital role in fueling the body, providing essential vitamins and minerals, and supporting recovery after physical activity.

Human body adaptations must be viewed under a holistic approach. The purpose of weight training is to essentially damage the muscle so the muscle can adapt and build itself back stronger. However, if the body isn’t properly fueled and hydrated the muscle has no way to recover appropriately. The same can be said for not fueling and hydrating properly prior to training. If not properly prepared for training the athlete is not able to train at their full capacity and therefore does not maximize their training day. This blog focuses on the importance of proper nutrition and hydration in relation to recovery, fitness, and performance.

A few simple rules I like to follow:

  1. Eat as much “real” food as possible, if the food doesn’t go bad it is less likely you want to eat it.
  2. Always have a full meal before training, regardless if you are training super early in the morning.
  3. Get food in your system as quickly as possible after training.

Take your Dark Matter Post Workout Supplement and PROBOLIC-SR Protein Blend immediately after training then have a meal within an hour.

  1. Hydration must take place before, during, and post training. Using urine color charts is extremely helpful to ensure you are getting the fluids you need.

Make sure you are also getting your electrolytes from EAA Strong to assist in the hydrating process.

  1. Preparation is everything, have a plan and meal prep. It is much easier to stay to your plan if you prepare everything at once at the beginning of the week.
    1. I DON’T HAVE TIME is never an excuse, your body does not care.
    2. Crockpot, Air Frier and Rice cookers help with meal prep a lot.

In conclusion, nutrition and hydration are fundamental components of a healthy lifestyle. By consuming a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and replenishing essential vitamins and minerals with the help of some well formulated health supplements, individuals can support their recovery and optimize their performance. It is important to pay attention to the types of food and drinks consumed, as well as the timing and amount, to properly fuel the body and achieve optimal health and wellness. Proper nutrition and hydration go hand in hand and are crucial for overall health, recovery, and performance.

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