Revealing the Hidden Power of Glutamine and Your Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack

Revealing the Hidden Power of Glutamine and Your Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack

In the industry of sports nutrition and bodybuilding, there are certain gems that often go unnoticed. Glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid, holds immense potential as a performance-enhancing supplement. Two articles, "Glutamine as an Anti-Fatigue Amino Acid in Sports Nutrition" by Audrey Yule Coqueiro and "Intestinal and Hepatic Metabolism of Glutamine and Citrulline in Humans" by Marcel C. G. van de Poll, shed light on the remarkable benefits of glutamine. This blog will explore some important lesser-known advantages of glutamine and reveal why you  should consider glutamine supplementation. Plus, research shows glutamine is the perfect addition to your pre-workout routine to facilitate enhanced nitric oxide production for increased blood flow, nutrient delivery, and muscle pumps. 

Glutamine’s Role for Muscle Pumps and Endurance in Sports Nutrition 

What many people don’t know is that glutamine plays a critical role in the production of nitric oxide. While conducting a groundbreaking study exploring the anti-fatigue properties of glutamine, researchers, Audrey Yule Coqueiro and her colleagues, discovered it is also a precursor to the synthesis of arginine and conversion to citrulline. This revealed its surprising role in increasing nitric oxide, a key factor in vasodilation and blood flow regulation. 

Supplementing with glutamine has the potential to enhance nitric oxide production, leading to improved blood flow and nutrient delivery to working muscles. This increased nutrient supply aids in muscle building, increasing muscle pump, reducing muscle fatigue, and supporting overall exercise performance. Furthermore, glutamine has been linked to reduced muscle soreness and enhanced post-workout recovery, making it a valuable stack with pre-workout for athletes seeking to optimize their training regimens. 

4 Ways How Glutamine can delay muscle fatigue. 

  1. It is one of the most abundant glycogenic amino acids in humans, having a significant influence on the anaplerosis of the Krebs cycle and gluconeogenesis.
  2. Through the activation of glycogen synthase, glutamine is considered as a direct stimulator of glycogen synthesis.
  3. This amino acid is the main non-toxic ammonia carrier, avoiding the accumulation of this metabolite.
  4. Glutamine is also linked to attenuation of muscle damage and is considered an indirect antioxidant via stimulation of glutathione synthesis, among others. 

Intestinal and Hepatic Metabolism of Glutamine and Citrulline in Humans 

Marcel C. G. van de Poll and his team explore the intricate metabolism of glutamine and citrulline, shedding light on their role in promoting overall health and well-being. Glutamine has shown promising effects on the immune system, which can be temporarily compromised during intense exercise. By supplementing with glutamine, athletes can strengthen their immune system, reducing the risk of infections and maintaining peak performance levels. 

Additionally, glutamine supports the maintenance of intestinal barrier function. Intense exercise can increase intestinal permeability, leading to gut-related issues. Glutamine supplementation aids in promoting gut health and minimizing the likelihood of digestive problems, ensuring athletes can focus on their training without hindrance. 

The Perfect Pre-Workout Stack 

After understanding the vast benefits of glutamine, it becomes evident that it should be a fundamental component of your supplement regimen. By combining glutamine supplementation with a high-quality pre-workout product like GLUTAMINE-SR and HYPERCRUSH, you can unlock their synergistic effects to amplify your workouts and recovery.  

GLUTAMINE-SR utilizes a patented sustained release technology which allows for superior absorption and the continual feed of the critical amino acid glutamine. This sustained release mechanism helps maintain glutamine supply for enhanced muscle recovery, reduced muscle soreness and improved overall exercise performance.  

MHP’s pre-workout HYPERCRUSH contains efficaciously dosed of many proven ergogenic ingredients such as creatine, beta alanine, citrulline, arginine , betaine, caffeine, n-acetyl-tyrosine and others to enhance muscle power, pumps, energy and endurance. One additional unique feature of HYPER CRUSH is  its ability to crush muscle fatigue which allows you to push your body harder and further. The anti-fatigue fighting pre-workout comes loaded with 1.5g of α-Ketoglutarate (AKG) which has been clinically studied to reduce the accumulation of ammonia and increase training volume, maximum power output and total muscle performance. This, combined with arginine and citrulline, is a blend of energy-boosting ingredients to enhance focus, endurance, and stamina.  

By combining HYPERCRUSH with GLUTAMINE-SR, you can  push beyond your limits, maximize your workouts, and achieve your fitness goals. 

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