Programming Breakdown for Traditional and Strength Sport Athletes

Programming Breakdown for Traditional and Strength Sport Athletes

written by: Thomas Evans, former Green Bay Packers NFL player, Strongman Champion, and current Strength and Conditioning Head Coach at University of Delaware.  

5 Must Know Questions for Upcoming Training Weeks

As a College Strength and Conditioning Coach, one of the many considerations I am tasked with is setting the weekly outline for my field sport athletes. Which is often more complicated than it sounds. When I am creating a specific phase for a strength and conditioning program, regardless of if it is a specific strongman program for myself or for one of my sport teams, I always ask myself the following questions:

· How many weeks of training do I have in this phase?

· How many days of the week and how much time each session do I have?

· What is the primary focus of this program? What are the secondary focuses of the program?

· What other physical activities will the athlete be focusing on (practice, games, work)

· What will be tested at the end of the phase?

· What is the logistics of the weightroom or gym that I am using?

Meet the former NFL player attempting to become World's Strongest Man -  Mirror OnlineThomas Evans, former Green Bay Packers NFL player turned Strongman and current Strength and Conditioning Head Coach at University of Delaware. 

These questions will help me set the foundation for what the training program looks like for the entire phase. If I am preparing a 3-week program for a lacrosse team prior to their arrival for preseason camp, their focus will likely be put on conditioning and will look very different than a summer strength/ hypertrophy focused program during the summer following a long season.

Same can be said for a strength athlete that is peaking for a competition in a few weeks, versus a program preparing a strength athlete for a competition that is 3-4 months away. Too often strength athletes will try to determine what they are training for the day at the same time they show up to the weight room. There is always a need for adjustments due to factors that you cannot control, but without a long-term plan, workouts will always feel randomly organized. Random programming will produce random results. At bare minimum you should establish an overall plan for at least 3-4 weeks.

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