Principles of Speed Training

Principles of Speed Training

Principles of Speed Training 

written by Thomas Evans, UDEL strength and conditioning coach

To uncover the variation of effective speed training, we will look into three fundamental principles. Firstly, to excel in sprinting speed, one must sprint consistently. Secondly, max speed training pairs well with the principles of max strength training when you use proper recovery for optimal results. Lastly, speed involves sprinting against diverse loads, introducing sleds, resistance bands, and inclines into the regimen, mirroring the principle of exercise diversity in the weight room.

Why Speed Training is Often Misunderstood

Speed training is considered to be one of the most misunderstood methods of training between strength and conditioning professionals and the private sector strength and conditioning. Often, trainers will commit to a speed training program that does not consist of forms of speed training. They will use “speed ladders” and/or sprint work with not quite enough recovery time. “Speed ladders” are a popular tool that historically been used as a means to train foot quickness with complex ladder sequences. While training speed ladders can be useful for improving foot coordination, or as a central nervous system activation. “Speed ladders should be used in the same principle that one would use a jump rope, which are plyometrics training exercises'.  

The 3 Methods to Become Faster at Sprinting 

First, to become faster as sprinting, you must sprint. Just like anything else, like squatting, to become better at something you must perform that action.  Second, it is best to think of max speed training similar to max strength training with speed drills and speed workoutsYou wouldn’t perform a maximal effort squat with little to no rest between sets, because at that point you would not be able to train as heavy and you are training hypertrophy or muscle endurance. Max sprinting speed must be trained to same way. In order to perform at max speed, you will need to allow your body to recover fully, just like you would prior to a max squat attempt. Third, as a last simply to trick to increase speed, sprint against various loads. Sprint with sleds, bands, hills. Change the amount of load, type of load, and distance spiriting just like you would with changing exercises in the weight room. 

2 MHP Supplements to Improve Speed Through Muscle Power

Here are some of supplement recommendations to help improve speed by enhancing muscle power, hydration, and recovery. 

EAA Strong can be taken pre or intra workout. It supplies the key amino acids for electrolytes. 

Dark Matter should be taken post workout to replenish muscle glycogen and ATP. It also stimulates protein synthesis to help speed up recovery. 

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