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When you hit the gym to do cardio or pound the weights, you can’t afford to be dragging your ass or be asleep at the switch. So, if you are like most people you’re probably taking a pre-workout supplement or an energy powder, pill, shot or drink. But now, there is a new and more powerful way to crank your motor up fast and energize your workouts—MHP’s Adrenaline Drive™, the high-powered energy mint!

Adrenaline Drive™ is a novel “energy mint” designed by the innovative sports supplement company MHP (Maximum Human Performance). Adrenaline Drive™ is unique because of its fast delivery and absorption, and for its refreshing menthol experience. Since Adrenaline Drive™ is a sublingual tablet that dissolves in your mouth, it provides a faster biological effect in the body that you can feel instantly. The advanced sublingual (under the tongue) delivery enables its menthol energy matrix to be delivered directly into the bloodstream and absorbed directly into cells, as opposed to capsules or powders that enter the body via the stomach and have to be digested first.

When ca­ffeine lozenges with menthol are held in the mouth for several minutes, the absorption of caffeine through the buccal mucosa oral cavity avoids first-pass metabolism, which may occur in the intestines or liver when absorbed through the gut with other products. With Adrenaline Drive™ the impact is almost instantaneous, and superior to ordinary energy delivery systems.

Researchers in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport examined a meta-analysis of peer-reviewed articles on the e­ffects of menthol on exercise performance, when menthol is applied both internally and externally. The researchers found that that the application of non-thermally cooling menthol improved overall exercise performance, and concluded that internal application appears to be the best strategy to improve performance.

By allowing Adrenaline Drive™ to dissolve in your mouth, you are taking advantage of its superior absorption pathway that will lead to a quicker energy experience. In fact, research shows that consuming ca­ffeine by buccal mucosa resulted in a two times quicker peak blood ca­ffeine response than swallowing a capsule (IJP 2002; 234, 159-167).


Your digestive system is complex and consists of many organs working in synchrony together to break down nutrients into smaller particles that can be absorbed and delivered to your bloodstream, where they are transported to key organs that need them for action— including your muscles, brain and nervous system. When thinking of digestion and absorption, most may think about the stomach mouth. The oral mucosa has a dense vascular system that can allow nutrients to directly enter the bloodstream, bypassing the normal digestive tract of the stomach, intestine and liver passage. This method of oral mucosal absorption has been known and relied on by health professionals for years, and o­ffers a superior and faster-acting method of ingredient delivery (Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2002; 41(9), pp 661-680).


Menthol is a compound of plant origin that has recently been shown to aid exercise performance; particularly in hot, humid environments. Menthol supports a sensation of coolness when applied to the mucosal (mouth) while also supporting breathing, arousal and even analgesic properties. This makes Adrenaline Drive™ an ideal choice before exercise, particularly in the summer.

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Fast Acting, Long Lasting Energizing Tablets

  • 150mg Ca­ffeine
  • 75mg Yerba Mate (20% Theophyline)
  • 43mg Mucuna pruriens (seed) extract (60% L-dopa)
  • 25mcg Huperzine A
  • Increases Energy and Focus
  • Enhances Performance and Cardio Output
  • Enhances Thermogenesis
  • Great Tasting – Sugar Free
  • Peppermint and Spearmint flavors


The Next Generation Energy Experience!

Menthol increases overall exercise performance and has an arousing e­ffect by increasing dopamine in the brain, enabling you to exercise longer in the heat. To further enhance dopamine Adrenaline Drive ™ contains mucuna pruriens extract standardized at 60 percent L-dopa. Menthol has a cooling effect, but it also promotes thermogenesis when combined with ca­ffeine by enhancing energy expenditure and fat burning. Menthol is a transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) agonist that increases the TRPM8 receptor.


Adrenaline Drive™ can be taken as a preworkout or at anytime throughout the day to give you a fast energy boost that will last for hours. Simply pop one Fastsorb tablet in your mouth, and get ready to experience instant energy that lasts for hours. Try it— you won’t be disappointed.

Je­ffries O and, Waldron M. The e­ffects of menthol on exercise performance and thermal sensation: A meta-analysis. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 2018 Dec 6. pii: S1440-2440(18)30620-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jsams.2018.12.002. [Epub, ahead of print]

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