Fabian Orozco

Fabian Orozco

I came to America in January 1982 from Colombia. In the same month my mother gave me $25 dollars to buy my School gym sneakers, Instead I joined a gym a few blocks from my home. As the days and months were passing by, my body started to be developed very fast, I started dressing and taking good care of myself image. Everything started to change rapidly and by the end of senior year, I was very built and with the help of one of the best bodybuilders of that time John Mojena, I decided to do my first bodybuilding competition  named Mr. Emerson High School where  I competed with the most famous Vinny Galanti, 1985.

By 1986, I competed at the Mr. New Jersey where I finished 2 place. In 1987 Mr. Garden state, Mr. Florida where I won the overall championships. By 1990 I decided to go back to college to study Physical Education, the same year I competed once again at Mr. Garden state. By 1991 I transferred my college to Miami dade county college in Florida.

In 1994 I met my wife Vanessa who helped me tremendously to go back and do the things I was born to be. She pushed me to go back into competition, the same year I went back to compete at the 1994 Eastern USA in New York City, where I took second place in the 154 lb class. I kept competing until 2011 and around that same time Gerard Dente gave me the opportunity that changed the rest of my life for ever. I was helping him grow his sport supplement brand MHP since 1997, and by 2011 he gave me the position of BRAND AMBASSADOR, where I got to travel the whole world bringing the most Famous bodybuilders of this time, to do presentations and Nutrition & supplements Seminars.

One of the greatest things I did was create Fabiannutrition.com and MHP Transformation which help hundreds of people to conquer their dreams in health and fitness with the best nutrition system created by realistic experience, you can watch all the world wide videos of my presentations in YouTube, as well as the Transformations.Judging hundreds of shows I mastered how to get hundreds of people ready to compete at the NPC & IFBB PRO LEAGUE.

My discipline, energy, passion, love and integrity will bring so many more together. Every obstacle is a great opportunity, and the opportunity is up to you. Life ain't easy for nobody, in the midst of pain we function most faster and carefully. God is the only way, there s no other way.

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