Susana Rodriguez

Susana Rodriguez

Susana Rodriguez is a Brazilian beauty that represents exactly what the wellness division demands, symmetry, condition, and a muscular lower body. Her Brazilian genetic helps, but her work ethic ensures her success. She has been training for the stage for 5 years with the support of her coach Ricardo Pannain, and her trainer, Marcos Aurélio. With an awesome silhouette her favorite exercise is the smith squat that works her entire lower body. Outside of fitness competing Susanna is studying to become a nutritionist and aspires to create her own fitness clothing line.


Day of Birth: 01/14/1988

Age: 31 years

Height: 5’1”

Contest weight: 117lbs

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Contest History:

Mr. Olympia Colombia 2019 1st place

Arnold Classic South America 2019 1st place

Mr. Olympia Brasil 2019 1st place

Muscle Contest 2019 1st place

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