Nicloas Vullioud

Nicloas Vullioud

Having started bodybuilding in 2012 after meeting coach Patrick Tuor. In Nicholas’ own words…”Before bodybuilding I was playing soccer but had a serious injury. Because of this injury I could no longer play at the same level so I made the switch to another sport that I enjoyed – bodybuilding. After training for a while and making some serious gains I met some people who encouraged me to compete; and the rest is history.

I have three idols, or should I say, three people who inspire me most. First off, my mom. My mother is the strongest person I know and I’m trying to make her proud of me through my accomplishments in bodybuilding.

Second, my coach Patrick Tuor. I have a lot of  respect for the person he is, the work he does, and his professionalism when it comes to guiding me in and out of the gym. He had an amazing bodybuilding career before becoming the great coach and a great friend. I hope I will be able to have the same successful career and make him proud.

And finally Flex Lewis. I have followed his career from day one. Not only do I like his physique but also love what he represents for the bodybuilding industry as a whole. He is humble, has a great outlook on life and career, and is a great example for anyone who wishes to follow the bodybuilding lifestyle.

My goal is to become one of the best bodybuilders in the world and be a role model to many. I want to  prove that you can do something great in life if you push hard enough and life pushes back. It’s all about hard work and will!

My dream is to move to the USA in the near future and to develop my career as a bodybuilder and personal trainer.”

Born – January 1, 1991

Height – 5′ 5″

Weight – 212 Lbs



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