Jeremy Hoornstra

Jeremy Hoornstra

Known as the world’s highest pound for pound bench presser of all time sets a whole new meaning to the word strong… MHPSTRONG. Competing in over 30 competitions worldwide, Jeremy has benched close to 700lbs breaking numerous world records. He has also hit some non-competition crazy numbers like a 765lb deadlift and 765lb squat. Jeremy’s passion for weight-lifting has inspired him to open an old school powerlifting/ bodybuilding/ strongman gym- Seminole Strength in Tallahassee, Florida. His goal is to be one of a few to bench over 700 raw but do it in the 242lb weight class, then drop to 220 and get a triple bodyweight bench there and have the all-time record in 3 consecutive weight classes.

Born – February 11th

Hometown – Tallahassee, FL

Competition:  All-time world record bench 242 class (672.4lbs); All-time world record bench 275 class (675lbs), best bench in full power meet 650lbs at 242 weight class.

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