Esteban Fuquene

Esteban Fuquene

Esteban is the 2019 Mr. Olympia South American Overall Champion and new IFBB Pro Professional bodybuilder. Starting his fitness journey over 10 years ago, Esteban found himself active in sports like swimming and many others. In 2010, when Esteban finished school he began hitting the weights. With his new found passion for the sport of Bodybuilding, in 2014 he officially started his career competing in the South American Championships as a junior. “I remember I was a kid full of dreams and all the energy to do my best to achieve what I want”, said Esteban as he knew whatever path he chose to go down, he would conquer.

Fast forward to 2019, he is now an IFBB Pro representing his hometown of Bogotá, Colombia. Very thankful for the support from his family and friends, they have trusted and believed in him since day one, “In my country I’m recognized as a serious bodybuilder and one thing I want to do is to become a role model to all my followers and especially my young fans”, Esteban says. Coached by Patrick Tuor, the same trainer as another outstanding MHP athlete IFBB Pro Nicolas Vullioud, Esteban brings a full package to the stage with tremendous leg and back development and excellent condition. Aside from his incredible physique, Esteban works hard as an Industrial Engineer and enjoys drawing and listening to music, especially metal in his spare time. Catch him on a cheat day and his first dessert pick is always cinnamon rolls. Esteban enjoys all aspects of the sport of bodybuilding and hopes to motivate and inspire people around the world.

Height : 167cm

Stage Weight : 5´5.7´´

Off-season Weight : 100 kgs

Born : 07-11-92

Hometown : Bogotá, Colombia

Contest History:

3th place SouthAmerican Championships (Junior Class) 2014

Overall WorldChampionships (junior Class) 2015

Mr Olympia South america Runner Up 2017

Mr Olympia South America Overall 2019 (pro-Card)



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