Carla Esparza
MMA Fighter

Carla Esparza: the 1st ever UFC 115lb Champion, might be in one of the lighter weight classes but she shouldn’t be taken lightly; she is fierce. Back in high school, Carla always had a love and passion for high intensity combat sports. She proved herself to be a top competitor on the boys wresting team. […]

MHP Athlete Esteban Fuquene


Esteban Fuquene: is the 2019 Mr. Olympia South American Overall Champion and new IFBB Pro Professional bodybuilder. Starting his fitness journey over 10 years ago, Esteban found himself active in sports like swimming and many others. In 2010, when Esteban finished school he began hitting the weights. With his new found passion for the sport […]

MHP-ATHLETE Logan Franklin

Logan Franklin
Classic Physique

Logan Franklin: Birthday: April 2, 1991 Height: 6’ Weight: 209 Lbs on stage Hometown: Spring, TX Logan found himself in the weight at a young age in Grade 7 training for football. Barely able to press the bar, and driven by his desire to be bigger, he  began training with the help of his father. […]

MHP Athlete Jeremy Hoornstra


  Jeremy Hoornstra: known as the world’s highest pound for pound bench presser of all time sets a whole new meaning to the word strong… MHPSTRONG. Competing in over 30 competitions worldwide, Jeremy has benched close to 700lbs breaking numerous world records. He has also hit some non-competition crazy numbers like a 765lb deadlift and […]