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MYO-X - Unlocking Muscle Building!

Build up to 8 lbs. Muscle Mass+

Gain 4x Greater Muscle thickness+


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MYO-X is a revolutionary myostatin inhibitor and that can help you build muscle mass safely and effectively. This supplement with all natural actives has been shown in clinical research to both significantly lower serum myostatin levels in test subjects and substantially increase muscle mass and muscle thickness in study subjects using MYO-X along with only a moderate weight training program.

Clinical Study Reveals MYO-X Significantly Builds Muscle

In a landmark clinical study at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory, MYO-X was shown to significantly enhance muscle growth. What makes this even more impressive is that the test subjects were able to experience these powerful benefits when training just two times weekly for 12 weeks! Research study subjects were able to:

  • Add Up to 8 lbs. of Lean Muscle Mass.+

  • Gain 4X Greater Muscle Thickness as Compared to Control Subjects.+

Increases Muscle Mass Up To 8lbs
Increases Muscle Mass Up To 8lbs

This newest study further supports MYO-X’s role as an effective myostatin inhibitor and muscle builder. In prior clinical trials, MYO-X had already been shown to significantly reduce myostatin, a growth factor protein that limits muscle growth. Scientific evidence supports a correlation between reductions in myostatin and muscle growth.

MYO-X Myostatin Inhibition Curve
MYO-X Myostatin Inhibition Curve
  • Backed by more than a decade of investigative research and a number of published scientific studies show how MYO-X can reduce human myostatin levels.
  • Clinically tested and shown to suppress myostatin levels in 100% of the human test subjects in a single-dose, acute research study.
  • Manufactured using a proprietary High Grade Handling process and contains a magnified concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides plus many biologically active growth factors

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Natural Muscle Builder and Myostatin Inhibitor

A recently completed clinical trial at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory was designed to analyze important body composition measurements and strength performance of subjects taking MYO-X and exercising moderately over a 12-week period. The randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial clinically demonstrated that MYO-X resulted in statistically significant increases in both muscle size and lean body mass in average males. The study evaluated 45 male subjects adhering to a supervised nutritional intake program and a monitored modest resistance training regimen over a period of 12 weeks. Various endpoints included skeletal muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass, fat mass and measurements of strength and power. Subjects taking MYO-X showed significantly improved lean body mass and increased muscle size compared to placebo.Test subjects were able to add up to 8 lbs. of lean muscle mass and gain 4 times greater muscle thickness as compared to control.+

“The data from the study conducted in our human performance laboratory clearly demonstrates that MYO-X resulted in significant muscle gains in recreationally trained individuals.
“Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., University of Tampa

Overcoming Myostatin’s Genetic Limitations

Since the discovery of hyper-muscled animals and humans who genetically lacked the specific growth factor protein myostatin in 1997, scientists have been frantically searching to unlock the secrets behind controlling or reducing thispowerful negative regulator for growth. One look at images of the Belgian Blue bull, Bully Whippet dog or other examples of “double-muscled” animals shows the incredible potential that myostatin inhibitors hold. The study of human myostatin-deficient”mutants” with excessively muscular physiques has helped scientists understand the correlation between myostatin and muscular growth (or the lack thereof). When this negative growth factor binds to its receptor on muscle cells, it prevents muscle tissue from growing. Not only does myostatin block muscle protein synthesis, it also blocks the proliferation and differentiation of satellite cells – precursors to muscle cells.

Myostatin is a potent catabolic limiting factor protein that exists in all of us, and works to limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. But thanks to MHP’s MYO-X, myostatin can be reduced safely and naturally. MYO-X has already been shown in clinical trials to significantly reduce myostatin levels in human test subjects. The impressive 8 lb. muscle gain demonstrated in the latest scientific research is good news for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to increase muscle mass, and shows that MYO-X is a powerful, one-of-a-kind muscle building supplement.


Documented cases of myostatin deficiency in mammals, including humans, display astonishing muscular growth and reduced body fat levels. Researchers have been studying the rare accelerated growth of a German child deficient in myostatin since he was first referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2004, while the tremendous muscularity of the Belgian Blue bull and “Bully” Whippet dog breed are other prime examples of “double muscling” due to the absence of myostatin in animals.

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Myostatin Deficient Belgian Blue Bull

Myostatin Deficient Bully Whippet

(*For scientific illustration purposes only. These are not intended to imply that such results will be achieved by consumers using MYO-X.)


Since the discovery of myostatin in 1997, scientists have been intrigued by its actions and have sought methods of intervention to reduce myostatin levels in the hopes of finding a way to naturally induce muscular growth. For instance, research at Johns Hopkins University as early as 2001 showed that a 20% reduction in exercise-induced serum myostatin resulted in significant gains in muscle mass. As a result, sports physicians began studying this compound in hopes of introducing viable myostatin inhibitory actions and substances to athletes that could potentially achieve results that can benefit athletes. At the forefront of this research was Carlon Colker, M.D., a dedicated medical doctor with a vision of building bigger, stronger athletes.

The Potential For Athletes and Bodybuilders

For many, the medical community (and bodybuilders) have been urgently searching for a mechanism that would inhibit the production of myostatin, a genetic protein responsible for limiting muscle growth in humans. Spurred by scientists’ widely held belief that myostatin inhibition represents a powerful strategy for promoting significant muscular gains for people of all ages and health status, the principle researchers involved in this area of inquiry have been vigorously investigating ways to isolate a viable myostatin inhibitor and make it available, including to athletes.

Carlon Colker, M.D., working with scientists from around the world, identified and isolated a natural bio-active compound that goes through a proprietary High Grade Handling process and carefully preserves and magnifies the concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors unique to this product. This patent pending compound, MyoT12®, functions as a modulator and antagonist to myostatin production and is validated and backed by laboratory testing and human clinical studies. One key study demonstrated that MyoT12, the active ingredient in MYO-X, reduced serum myostatin levels near 50% with a single dose administration of MyoT12. Other research has also shown the ability of MYO-X to significantly reduce myostatin. Together with its growth factors, MYO-X has become a hot supplement for clinical study. There are currently a number of research trials being conducted to help uncover all of the benefits and mechanisms of action of this unique compound.

This offers promise for bodybuilders, athletes and even aging adults. Myostatin is present in all of us and regardless of how hard you train, myostatin will limit your muscle building potential. Myostatin reductions such as those caused by MYO-X may work to help counter the forces that have restricted your ability to increase muscle health and performance, and to build more muscle. In addition, the critical growth factors, proteins and peptides in MYO-X could open the door to a new way of helping you achieve your muscle building potential.

Clinical Studies Reveal Significant Reductions In Myostatin

MYO-X’s key active ingredient, MyoT12®, has been shown in two human clinical studies to reduce myostatin. The first study, an acute single dose study, resulted in serum myostatin reduction in all study subjects, with an average decrease of about 50% in 12-18 hours. At the 24-30 hour time point, the average myostatin level completely normalized, returning to baseline.† In a second study, being prepared for publication, the results were similar – a significant reduction in myostatin with a normalization period over time.

This research has led MHP and its scientific partners to develop additional clinical studies to determine the effects of this unique product on muscular growth. While science has conducted numerous experiments with positive results, this latest research will help exact the benefits of myostatin reduction.


The latest research at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory was designed to test the effects of MYO-X, a research verified supplement for reducing myostatin levels, for its potential to enhance muscle mass and performance. Subjects in the 2014 study who used MYO-X at a 10 gram daily serving were able to gain up to 8 lbs. of muscle mass and experience a 4x greater increase in muscle thickness in just 12 weeks, as compared to control subjects who did not supplement with MYO-X.+ These remarkable results led scientists involved with the research to proclaim that this clinical study supports the enormous potential of the use of myostatin inhibitors looking to increase muscle mass and performance.


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300g – Vanilla


What is myostatin and why is it so important for muscle growth?

Myostatin is an inhibitory growth factor protein produced in humans that potently cripples muscle growth. This protein growth factor is so powerful that animals lacking the myostatin gene experience a condition known as “double muscling,” which is excessive muscle growth that isn’t accompanied by any additional health side effects. Since the discovery of myostatin in 1997, scientists have been studying examples of double muscling – such as the Belgian Blue bull and Bully Whippet dog – to determine the correlation between myostatin inhibition and muscular growth. There has also been considerable study of a German boy exhibiting myostatin deficiencies and advanced muscular growth since birth.

What is MYO-X?

MYO-X is a compound invented by Carlon Colker, M.D. that has been shown to naturally reduce myostatin levels in test subjects. Working with scientists from around the world, Dr. Colker identified and isolated natural bio-active compounds from fertilized egg yolks that inhibited myostatin concentrations in the body. He was able to identify a proprietary advanced process that carefully preserves and magnifies the concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors unique to this revolutionary product. MHP scientists have refined and improved this cutting-edge process, which is now used to manufacture every bottle of MYO-X.

What makes MYO-X unique from other supposed myostatin inhibitors?

While there are other products claiming to inhibit myostatin, MYO-X is the first clinically proven natural myostatin inhibitor. A series of repeated clinical studies demonstrated that MYO-X inhibits serum myostatin in humans by an average of 46% within 12-18 hours.^ Research showed that myostatin levels returned to normal levels with approximately 24 hours, hence the basis of once daily dosing for maximum results. The active ingredient in MYO-X (MyoT12) was shown in one study to exhibit its myostatin lowering effects in 100% of human test subjects.

Has MYO-X been clinically tested and proven to increase muscle growth?

The answer is a resounding yes! A recent clinical study at the University of Tampa Human Performance Laboratory demonstrated that resistance trained athletes exercising only twice weekly for 12 weeks gained up to 8 lbs. of lean body mass while taking one serving of MYO-X daily. In addition, test subjects experienced 4 times greater increases in muscle thickens compared to control (Lowery, 2014)!+ This is a significant finding for anyone looking to increase lean muscle mass and muscular size. Furthermore, the study authors postulated that if these impressive muscle building results were attainable while training only twice per week, athletes who weight trained more often could possibly achieve even greater results.

Can’t I just eat lots of fertile eggs to get the same myostatin reducing results?

This simply would not be practical or possible. Because of the advanced processing and isolation procedures created by MHP scientists, MYO-X is over 100 times more potent than the anabolic compounds found in fertilized egg yolks. Moreover, heating eggs destroys these growth factors – rendering them ineffective. And to obtain even a fraction of the growth factors found in MYO-X, you would have to consume obscene quantities of fat and cholesterol naturally found in eggs, which is not desirable for health or body composition.

Is MYO-X banned by athletic organizations?

Myostatin inhibitors are banned by some athletic organizations as a classification. Despite the fact that MYO-X is derived from natural ingredients, MHP always recommends that athletes ask their federations about their particular banned substances lists and requirements before taking MYO-X.

How much MYO-X should I take and when should I take it?

Research shows all you need is a single 10 gram serving of MYO-X daily. In some clinical studies using the product, researchers gave MYO-X to test subjects 30 minutes pre-workout. In every research project, study group participants were instructed to take the product at the same time every day. As such, MYO-X may be taken 1 of 3 ways: First thing in the morning on an empty stomach, approximately 8-10 hours prior to resistance training or 30 minutes before working out. Regardless of which you choose, the important point is to use MYO-X at the same time every day to ensure ongoing reductions of myostatin on a regular cycle.

How does MYO-X taste and how should I take it?

MYO-X has an amazing vanilla cake batter taste and texture. You can simply mix it in a cup of water and drink, but most people like to consume it by pouring a scoop of powder directly in their mouth as a sweet treat! Do not cook or add MYO-X to hot liquids, as this will denature the proteins and reduce its effectiveness.

Who would benefit from MYO-X?

Anyone interested in maximizing or maintaining muscle mass – including athletes, fitness enthusiasts or aging populations – may benefit from MYO-X. Although men’s and women’s muscle building physiology is the same, research on the effects of MYO-X to date have only been conducted on males.

How should MYO-X be stored?

MYO-X should be stored in a cool, dry place and kept from heat, light and moisture.

Are there allergens in MYO-X?

This product contains eggs. Anyone with egg allergies should avoid using MYO-X.

+Lowery, R., et al., “The effects of a myostatin inhibitor on skeletal muscle hypertrophy in resistance trained males.” Submitted for publication. Lean body mass average increase = 3.75 lbs. Muscle thickness average increase = 4.4x. Your results may vary.

†Colker, C., “Effect on Serum Myostatin Levels of High-Grade Handled Fertile Egg Yolk Powder,” Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Volume 28, No. 3, Abstract 47; October 2009.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease. Your results may vary. Not intended for use by those with a medical condition. Use only as directed. Do not exceed recommended daily intake. Not intended for use by persons under age 18.

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