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CYCLIN-GF - Muscle Growth While You Sleep!


Enhanced with GF ( Growth Factors )
Helps Induce Deep Anabolic REM Sleep Patterns
Helps Increase Muscle Building and Improve Recovery
Helps Optimize Testosterone and Metabolism


Nighttime Anabolic Cascade Triggers Muscle Growth!

Training takes place in the gym, but you can also grow at night when you are sleeping. MHP’s research team has developed a nighttime anabolic activator, Cyclin-GF. Our research revealed that it is not one event, one ingredient or one hormone that is involved in maximizing the nighttime muscle fiber growth process. There are multiple events that occur, often in a series, and require a cascade of nutritive substrates and promoters to initiate the process and keep it moving along to help achieve maximum muscle growth.

The process begins with the nocturnal stimulation of GH and IGF-1 followed by peak IGF-2 and testosterone production. Also important is the suppression of cortisol and other growth arrestors. Cyclin-GF is formulated to help put you in a deep anabolic REM sleep to trigger the optimal anabolic hormonal cascade so you can maximize your growth potential while you sleep.


The development of CYCLIN-GF is a significant development in muscle science. CYCLIN-GF is backed by clinical and other scientific research and is the leading nighttime “Anabolic Muscle Activator” on the market. Inspired by award winning research, MHP’s product development team utilized discoveries in muscle fiber cell growth and replenishment to help trigger the nighttime anabolic hormonal cascade. Cyclin-GF’s advanced technology helps stimulate muscle growth while you sleep.

Award Winning Research Provides MHP with New Bodybuilding Technologies:

• Stored deep within muscle tissue is a vast supply of millions and millions of Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs).

• Many of these Muscle Precursor Cells (MPCs) are in a silent or “sleeping” state. Most of them remain inactive and never develop into muscle fibers.

• Increasing the number of “activated” Muscle Precursor Cells can increase the potential for muscle growth.

• Once activated, these millions of Muscle Precursor Cells begin dividing and forming pools of myoblast cells that can become muscle fibers (myofibers).

• Moreover, MPCs that are activated may not achieve maturity due to inadequate nutritive activation, growth promoting factors, suboptimal anabolic conditions and high levels of undesirable muscle cell suppressing arrestor substances.

• Under the ideal anabolic conditions, these MPCs can enter required stages of development to form into muscle fibers.

• The ideal time for MPC activation and creating the ideal hormonal landscape for the development into mature muscle tissue is while you sleep.

• For decades, bodybuilders have only been tapping into a fraction of their muscle building potential. MHP’s R&D team has developed a method to activate these MPCs and promote the internal anabolic environment necessary to help carry them through the vital growth phases needed to stimulate them to develop into large mature muscle fibers.

Nighttime MPC Activation Helps Sparks Muscle Growth!

When MHP researchers examined the critical growth rate factors needed to occur in order to activate and develop a Muscle Precursor Cell into a fully-grown muscle cell, they found that the greatest window of opportunity resided during sleep. They found a relationship between sleep quantity and quality and the anabolic cascade of hormones necessary to grow new muscle.

Because of its unique ability to help manipulate the cascade of anabolic hormones and co-factors, CYCLIN-GF helps induce deep REM sleep and provokes MPC activation and maturation to build new muscle tissue.

It is likely that you have only been tapping into a small portion of your muscle building potential, because within your body are millions of inactive Muscle Precursor Cells. Awakening these millions of MPCs and allowing them to develop into mature muscle fibers can have a significant impact on your muscle growth and strength gains. Through the development of CYCLIN-GF, MHP’s research team provides the means to help activate these MPCs and promote the internal anabolic environment necessary to help stimulate Muscle Precursor Cell activation and carry them through the vital full phase muscle growth cycle needed to achieve enhanced muscle fiber maturity. Cyclin-GF was the first supplement able to activate Muscle Precursor Cells in this manner and carry them through the full phase muscle growth cycle to help generate new gains in muscle mass. CYCLIN-GF is one of the keys to unlocking your muscle building potential. It’s time you wake up your millions of sleeping Muscle Precursor Cells and support their growth into mature full blown muscle fibers.

New Nighttime Full Phase Growth Cycle Technology Targets Muscle Precursor Cells

Based on award winning research in physiology, the secret of Muscle Precursor Cell activation and the key controlling factors needed to achieve “new” muscle fiber maturity was ultimately uncovered and became an important scientific advancement. This new understanding of the Muscle Precursor Cell phenomenon is what prompted the development of this important technology in CYCLIN-GF. Based on the growing body of research data about MPCs, it was determined that the muscle cell growth process involves a nutrient-hormone driven series of metabolic events that creates the proper stimulus and nocturnal nutritive-hormonal internal environment necessary for the activation and maturation of MPCs into larger mature muscle cells. It was after this discovery that the MHP research team realized that a highly specialized technological advance was necessary to carry an MPC through the stages necessary to develop a fully mature new muscle cell.

What are the benefits of CYCLIN-GF?

Cyclin-GF can activate the millions of MPCs (Muscle Precursor Cells) to help stimulate muscle growth. This will keep your body in a higher anabolic state for a longer period of time while you are sleeping.

How does it work?

The following ingredients work to stimulate these fibers to activate while your body is at rest. This is when your body recovers and grows the most.

1. Full Phase Muscle Precursor Cell Growth Factors (1135.5mg)
• Alpha-GPC (L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine Hydrate)
• Tongkat Ali 50:1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack)
• 5-HTP (Griffonia Simlicifolia Seed Extract)
• N-(2-5-Methoxyindol-3-Y)ethyl)acetamide
• Valeriana Officinalis Root Extract

2. Cell Cycle Arrest Inhibitors: 3′,4′,5′,6-Tetrahydroxyflavan-3-Ol
• Phosphatidylserine
• Humulus Lupulus

3. DNA Checkpoint Clearance Factors
• Deoxyribonucleic Acid
• Ribonucleic Acid
• Uncaria Tomentosa

Who should take it?

Anyone looking to increase their anabolic state by allowing muscle fibers to grow that were never activated before. This supports more muscle growth as you sleep.

How should I take it?

Take 4 capsules with water before bed.

Did you know?

Aside from benefiting sleeping muscle fibers, athletes can stay in a deeper REM sleep as well.

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“AMAZING! Results after 9 weeks are still as good as the first week.”

John Milstein, KY


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